Photo Gallery

November Storm 2014 Fresco Blessing, October 12, 2014 Diocesan Day Shadeland Day Camp 2014
Visitors from St. Mary's Church, Corning, NY Christmas Blizzard Jan 7, 2014 Pig roasting Jan 4, 2014 Church Cleaning for Christmas 1/4/14
Bake Sale 2013 Snow November 26, 2013 Sv Petka Kolo Slava 2013 Monastery Marcha Dinner 2013
Tambura week 2013 Shadeland New Walk-in Freezer Installation Diocesan Day 2013 SerbFest 2013
Day Camp 2013 Houston Youth Conference 2013 Father's Day Dinner 2013 OCEC Board
Church School Awards, graduations Tammie Concert 2013 Mother's Day Dinner 2013 Pascha 2013
Great & Holy Friday Vrbice Willow Procession 2013 Church cleaners Pan Orthodox Vespers @ St Stephen's
Fresco painting ends Fish Fries Committee on Christian Education Diocesan Assembly
St Stephen & Sava Celebrations Christmas Jan 7, 2013 Christmas Eve 2012 Pig roast for Christmas
Church Cleaning & Painting Project St Nicholas visit & Badnjak Search Ordination Fr Milan Medakovich Stewardship Sunday 2012
Fr Theodore painting in the altar Visit of Archbishop Justinian Sv Petka Kolo Slava Removal of Bushes
Talija Monastery Marcha Dinner Oct 14, 2012 Baking Altar Boy Workshop
Sv Ilija Kolo Tea 9/23/2012 SerbFest 2012 Day Camp 2012 Baking Workshops
Father's Day Luncheon Pecana Cleaning OCEC Meeting Church School Awards
Gardening Tammie Concert 2012 Mothers Day Dinner Building Ramp and getting the Scizzor Lift into the Altar
Spring Dance Pascha 2012 Vigil at the Tomb of Christ Holy Friday evening
Church cleaners Palm Sunday Willow Procession Pan Orthodox Vespers
Orthodoxy 101 Steven Gjurich 2012 St Stephen & St Sava Slava Celebrations Christmas Church Cleaning
St Nicholas Party Badnjak Search Fr. Theodore iconography Stewardship Sunday
Sv. Petka Kolo Slava Church School Fall Event Monastery Marcha Dinner Sv. Ilija Kolo Tea
Church School Registration Catherine & Mike Munich Memorial Golf Tournament Diocesan Day SerbFest 2011
Day Camp 2011 Kievan Pilgrims Bake/Sarma Workshops for SerbFest Church School End-of-Year Awards
St Stephen Tammies & Dancers Annual Concert Gardening Around the Church Hall Air Conditioner hoisted onto roof New Lawn Mower
Mother's Day Luncheon Pascha 2011 Holy Week 2011 Church Cleaning
Palm Sunday Vrbice Willow Procession Visit of Kursk Root Icon of the Sign of the Theotokos St Stephen & St Sava Slavas
Shadeland winter retreat Badnjak Search & St Nicholas Party Holiday Bake Sale Fresco project
Sv Petka Kolo Slava Church School Fall Outing Altar Boy Workshop Monastery Marcha Dinner
Sv Ilija Kolo Tea Golf Outing Diocesan Day Shadeland SerbFest 2010
Day Camp 2010 SerbFest workshops 2010 Father's Day Dinner Church School Awards
Concert St. Stephen Tammies & Dancers IOCC Haiti Benefit Dinner Flower Gardening by St Petka Kolo Konevets Quartet Concert
Holyl Week & Pascha 2010 Palm Sunday 2010 Vrbice 2010 St Sava 2010
St Nicholas Party 09 Pan Orthodox Choir Nativity Concert Bake workshop 1st St. Petka Kolo Slava
50 Anniversary Jubilee of the consecration of the St. Stephen temple 90th Anniversary of the Parish St Stephen