February 1, 2015 Sunday Bulletin — Soyata

Volume 51; Number 5 February 1, 2015

Homily Introduction: the Pharisee & Publican

A man went to the forest to choose a tree from which to make roof beams. And he saw two trees, one beside the other. One was smooth and tall, but had rotted away inside, and the other was rough on the outside and ugly, but its core was healthy. He sighed and said to himself: “What use is this smooth, tall tree to me if it is rotten inside and useless for beams? The other one, even if it is rough and ugly, is at least healthy on the inside and so, if i put a bit more effort into it, I can use it for roof beams for my house.” And without thinking any more about it, he chose that tree.

So will God choose between two men for His house, and will choose, not the one who appears outwardly righteous, but the one whose heart is filled with God’s healthy righteousness.

The proud, whose eyes are constantly raised heavenward while their hearts cleave to the earth, are not pleasing to God; it is the humble and meek, whose eyes are cast down earthward while their hearts are filled with heaven, who please Him. The Creator of mankind prefers men to count over their sins to Him rather than their good works. For God is a physician, who comes up to the bed on which each one of us is lying, and asks, “Where is the pain?” The man who makes use of the physician’s presence to tell him about all his pain and weakness is wise, and the man who concealing his pain, boasts of his health to the physician, is a fool. As though a physician visits men because of their health, and not their sickness! “It is evil to sin,” says wise Chrysostom, “though here help can be given; but to sin and not to admit it—there is no help here.”

So let us be wise, and when we stand in prayer to God, let us feel that we are standing before the best and most merciful of physicians, who with care and love asks each one of us: “Where is your pain?” Let us not delay in any way to tell Him of our sickness, our wounds and our sins….

Holy Bishop Nikolaj, Homilies


Jevanđelje o pravom i nepravom bogomoljcu 

Čovek neki izađe u šumu, da izbere jedno drvo za japiju. I vide dva drveta jedno pored drugog. Jedno beše glatko i vitko, ali sa trulom srčikom unutra; drugo beše spolja rapavo i neizgledno, ali sa zdravom srčikom unutra. Uzdahnu čovek i reče samome sebi: šta mi pomaže ovo glatko i visoko drvo, kad je trulo i za japiju neupotrebljivo? Ono drugo, ako je i rapavo i neizgledno, bar je iznutra zdravo, te sa malo većim mojim trudom oko njega moći će dobro poslužiti za japiju u mome domu. I bez dugog razmišljanja izabra to drvo.

Tako će i Bog izabrati za Svoj dom između dva čoveka ne onoga, koji spolja izgleda pravedan, nego onoga, čije je srce ispunjeno zdravom pravdom Božjom.

Nisu mili Bogu gordeljivci, čije su oči neprestano upravljene k nebu, dok im je srce ispunjeno zemljom, nego smireni i krotki, čije su oči oborene k zemlji, dok im je srce ispunjeno nebom. Više voli Stvoritelj ljudi, da mu ljudi nabrajaju svoje grehe, nego svoja dobra dela. Jer Bog je Lekar, koji pritiče postelji svakoga od nas i pita: šta te boli? Mudar je čovek onaj, koji iskoristi prisustvo lekara i iskaže mu sve svoje bole i svu svoju nemoć, a malouman je onaj, koji skrivajući svoje bole i nemoći, pohvali se lekaru svojim zdravljem. Kao da lekar posećuje ljude zbog zdravlja, a ne zbog bolesti! “Zlo je grešiti, govori mudri Zlatoust, no tu se da pomoći; ali grešiti i o tom ne govoriti, najveće je zlo, jer tu se ne da pomoći .

Zato budimo mudri, pa kad god stajemo na molitvu Bogu smatrajmo, da smo stali pred najboljeg i najmilostivijeg Lekara, koji s brigom i ljubavlju pita svakoga od nas: šta te boli? Ne opoznimo nipošto, da iskažemo svoje bole, svoje rane, grehe svoje….

Sveti Vladika Nikolaj, Omilije

READINGS FOR Today Sunday of the Publican and Pharisee
Epistle: 2 Tim. 3:10-15;        Gospels: Luke 18:10-14.

READINGS For Next Sunday: Epistle: 1 Cor. 6:12-20; Gospel: St. Luke 15:11-32.

Remembered at the Litany for the Departed today are HELEN MALLOY; MILENA CILLAG; YUBA BELICH; JOHN FRUEHAUF (req. by Irene Fruehauf); JOHN KACZOR (req. by Darmstedter family); and all recent victims of disasters, epidemics and war.

Thank you to all who made our St. Stephen and St. Sava joint Slava a huge success. And a special thank you to our children who recited poems, danced and played musical instruments, showing us their God=given talents. Ziveli!

ST. SAVA SCHOOL OF THEOLOGY. Next Sunday is designated as Seminary Sunday, and a special collection will be taken for the benefit of our St. Sava School of Theology in Libertyville, IL. Please plan to be generous with your gift.

The funeral service for Milena Popovich (Cillag) will be held Saturday, February 7 at 10am, Kaiser Funeral Home, 1950 Whitehaven Road, Grand Island, NY. Interment at Riverdale Cemetery, Lewiston, NY with a reception following at the Knights of Columbus, 1841 Whitehaven Road, Grand Island, NY. Parastos service will be held on Sunday, February 8th, after the Divine Liturgy, St Stephen Serbian Orthodox Church, 177 Abbott Road, Lackawanna, NY. Flowers gratefully declined. If desired, memorial contributions may be directed to St. Stephen Serbian Orthodox Church, 177 Weber Road, Lackawanna, NY 14218.

HOME BLESSINGS are now re-scheduled to begin Tuesday, February 3. You have all received a schedule in the mail. Fr. Rastko will call in the evening prior to coming to your home.

LITTLE FALCONS  The latest issue of Little Falcons children’s magazine is available for $2. Parents should purchase them for their children. The theme of the current issue is Holy Canons!

PLEASE KEEP THE FOLLOWING SOLDIERS IN YOUR PRAYERS: Thomas Vukcevic; Benjamin Pappas; Paul Campbell, Michael Rapasky; Brady Sexton, Jeffrey Izo, Michael Greenwood, James Koch, Adam Paich, John Stanz, Peter Mrvos, Michael Antecki, Matthew Ross, Steven Marrocco, Dane Gaynor. These soldiers are remembered at the Proskomedia (Service of Preparation) before every Divine Liturgy. If you have names to contribute to this list of servicemen serving overseas, please share them with Father.

COMMUNITY CALENDAR: SUNDAY, February 1 through SUNDAY, February 8, 2015.

There is NO fasting this week. The Church is teaching us not to fast with hypocrisy like the Pharisee in today’s Gospel. 

Sunday Divine Liturgy and Church School 10 AM; Sunday of the Publican and the Pharisee

Monday Tammies & Dancers; Parish Council 7 PM.

Saturday Funeral for Milena Cillag, Kaiser Funeral Home, Grand Island 10 AM; Vespers & Confession 6 PM

Sunday Divine Liturgy and Church School 10 AM; Sunday of the Prodigal Son; Special Collection for St. Sava School of Theology; Parastos for Milena Cillag.


February 14 Saturday of the Souls; Zadusnice; DIvine Liturgy 10 AM

February 15 Annual Tammie Brunch

February 20 First Parish Fish Fry, Fridays during Lent. Details to follow

February 22 Forgiveness Sunday

February 23 First Day of Great Lent; Great Canon of St. Andrew and Pre-Sanctified Liturgy served during this solemn first week of Great Lent. All are encouraged to attend.


Matthew 6:1-4 

1 “Be careful not to practice your righteousness in front of others to be seen by them. If you do, you will have no reward from your Father in heaven. 2 “So when you give to the needy, do not announce it with trumpets, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and on the streets, to be honored by others. Truly I tell you, they have received their reward in full. 3 But when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, 4 so that your giving may be in secret. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.

ST. PANTELEIMON COMMITTEE Pray for the health of all our ailing brothers and sisters.

Litany of Fervent Supplication: Archpriest Thomas Hopko (PA); Metodije Damljanovic; Irene Fruhauf (surgery Tues. StJoe’s); Branka Sciuk; Rick Zivic; Martha Masich Olka; Martin Darmstedter; Mother Ana; Rebecca Todd; Alexandra Lapchuk (NJ); Boranka Kajtaz (Banjaluka); Andrew Wojtaszczyk; Sam Poznanovich; Mary Ann Tomich (PA); Dan & Marilyn Wilson; Lauren Tasseff; Leisa Wheeler; John Butz (IL); Fr. Joseph Cervo; Katie Repaski; Serafima Zdjelar;  Caroline Magaris; Paul Just; Kosa Opacic; Danica Opacic; Georgene Stevanoff (OLV); Christine Schulz; Mary Krestos; Angeline Pappas; Zora Palavestra; Stephanie Frauer; Marta Jaskula Mondich; Mildred Kokanovich; Brady Mclaughlin (FL); John Schmitz; Spencer Calos; Kristin Engelhart; James Kovacevic (PA); Scott & Maxine Smatlak (PA); Carly Serra; Conrad & Mary Jean Toepfer; Linda Moran (MN); Olga Tracy (TX); (Ca); Dragan Reznicak (W.VA); Martha Pavlakis; Stojan Kosovac (Hamilton); Anna Tonarely (FL);.

Proskomedia: Helen Biggs; Jovana Marjanovic; Fr. Christopher Rocknage; Milenko Zdjelar; Erika Tiem (Germany); Carl Heinz Blashke (Germany); Dusan Curuvija; Popadija Tamara Spasojevic Natalie Hawkins; David Preljeva; Susan McLaughlin; Doreen Szczesniak Mirjana Pavlica; Steven Munich; James & Joann Raditic; Anna Evanoff Viruet; Svetozar Grgurevich; Tanja Trifkovic; Amanda Szczesniak; Milenko Zdjelar Sr.; Stevo Jojic; Wade (Vladimir) McFarland; Michalene Conti (FL); Annabelle Sauer; Melanie Rozwood; Milka Karlovic; Dan & Mary Stojanovich; Vladimir Popovic; Fr Laurence Lazar; Fr. John Nehrebecki; Fr Zvonimir Kotorcevic; Fr George Yatsko; Fr. Roman Braga (MI); Fr. Stephen Gousios; Paula Hughes; John & Joan Munich; Milan Pajic; Ljupka Palavestra; Kelly Pavich; Christine Kmitch (FL); Dan Bolam; Marcia Yunke; Katherine Lippard; Stephen Todorovich; Mile Zdjelar; Daniel Pavichevich (CA) Vladimir Jovic; Valu Tumpaloff; Nicole Dicioccio; Milka Bosilkovski; Nada Zdero; Nicholas Skirpan; Daniel Metz; Karl Stefanovich; Branko Guskic; Kathryn Frederick; ; Joseph York; Henry Darmstedter; Milan Jovic; Stevo Simic; Nancy Healy; George & Carol Kovacevic (NC); Jacqueline Fuellhart; Patricia Wilson; Maurie & James Jachimiak; Joann Panek; Vera & Mark Markoff; Darinka Nedelkov; Ramon Murphy; Matthew Barusic; Vukica Stojanovic; Milena Corhasanovic; Dale Hauser; Basil Korbut; John Stanz; Vidosava Toskovic; Miss Mary Korach (FrBakerMan); Leiselotte Siljegovic; Dragana Salom (Il); Robert Setter; Chrisante Gassett; Zarka Popovic (CA); Robert Boller; Wayne & Thomas Jousma; Marge Spano, Anthony Dipiano; Jeanette Stanley; Mary Karolewski; Marija Trbojevic (Il); Gale Maus (FL); Iso Bjelanovic; Dusan Samardzija; Drazen Jokanovic; Mary Parillo (MA); Wyatt & Tony Lamb; Kathy Hanny (FL); Jane Glass (Hamburg); Anname Gracer; Daniel Dicioccio; Joanne Hamilton; Christine Madej (MA); Diane & Ronald Kukavica; Miljan Vanovac; Richard Wyse; Arlene Schmitz; Peter Mitich; Dusko Vanovac; Anastasia Hiles (PA); Olga Yandrich (Pgh); Stephen Engle; Dorothy Baron (PA); Danielle Williams; Patricia Maletich (OH); Richard Carney;  Vlado, Jennifer, Peter Popovich; David Donald (PA); Ljubica Jevtic; Mary Beth Buntich (NM); Fr. Srboljub Bulich (Belgrade); Fr. Herman Schick; Fr. Miladin Garich; Fr. Michael Zaparyniuk (FL); Fr. Dennis Pavichevich; Joanne Markey; Joseph Rozwood Jr; Rose Gardina; Elaine Daminski; Paula Russian (FL); Gregory Smith (DC); Dan Neary; Margaret Nigrelli; Adam Brevner (Li); Richard Lockwood; Christine Marx (IL); Arthur Reis; Vera Sredanovic (CA); Ronald Bede (OH); Mary Lou Bremmer;  Helen Tanner (FrBakerMan); And any ill or hospitalized parishioners we may have missed.

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